60CM “Newson” Induction Hob, straight edge glass

Newson Aesthetic Line

Easy clean Black ceramic glass Grey graphics Touch control 4 induction zones 4 boosters (P) Minimum diameter drawings 15 power levels Stop-in-temperature function Keeping-warm function Quick-set rapid selection Timer with automatic end of cooking End cooking acoustic alarm Other options: Nominal power limitation ECOlogic (2 kW, 3 kW or 4 kW) Automatic locking function (child safety block), Showroom mode Automatic adjustment to pan size Electronic temperature probes Residual heat indicators Child control block Overheating protection system Overflow protection system Protection against accidental start up Automatic pan recognition Auto-stop when no pan Fan cooling system Induction zones power: Front left: 2000 W - Booster 2.8 kW Ø 180mm – minimum Ø 100mm Rear left: 2000 W - Booster 2.8 kW Ø 180mm – minimum Ø 100mm Front right: 1400 W - Booster 2.0 kW Ø 160mm – minimum Ø 100mm Rear right: 2000 W - Booster 3.1 kW Ø 210mm – minimum Ø 100mm Nominal power: 5.9 kW Versions SI644DO - Gold Graphics











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