Green Policies!

Environmental sustainability: a priority

Smeg has been adopting policies for some years now which target the ongoing improvement of company values in terms of environmental sustainability.

In fact, Smeg HQ has become the symbol of this green approach.The company's commitment to the environment consists of a particular focus on the ecological aspects of designing and manufacturing domestic appliances. The idea is to ensure maximum performance while keeping energy consumption to a minimum.

The Smeg Head Office has been named one of the most innovative buildings in Italy thanks to its intelligent consumption management and sustainable development policies. Designed by the architect Guido Canali, it won the Modena Domotics Competition, part of the "Bio-architecture Week" held in the city in 2007.
The Smeg head office will be presented at the 13th International Architecture exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2012 as an example of Made-in-Italy architectural excellence. It is a structure attentive to the poetics of the surrounding territory, the lives of the people within and around it, and to environmental sustainability.
Designed according to an integrated system which makes the most of available funds and resources, the company offices and plants are equipped with some of the most modern automated technology on the market. Safety, distribution and transport systems are all extremely efficient.
Finally, electricity and climate control are optimised to help protect the environment.
If any further proof was needed, the conscious decision not to build on more than 30-33% of the site, thus conserving the surrounding habitat (or actually improving it, since 4000 plants have been added), shows Smeg's care and concern for its local environs and people who live near the site..

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